choosing words 

on the morning that i traveled i woke with a head filled with words – sitting up in bed with my legs crossed like a yogi – i opened my mac while it was still dark and the people in my flat were all still asleep in their rooms – i started to type and while i could have easily slept for another hour i chose to write instead – that is what makes me a writer – not because i’ve published a book or that i love words – no i am a writer because when i have a choice between sleeping for an extra hour on a cold winter’s morning or writing – i choose my words 


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I am a writer, artist and energy worker. A South African by birth, I've lived in Namibia, USA and the UK. You could say that I'm currently living in Sweden, but really I seem to keep moving. I find inspiration in nature, riding on buses and from people who are a little different: Patti Smith, Frida Kahlo and Keith Richards are my guides in this crazy awesome life of mine.

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