help! my creativity walked out the front door


choosing words 

on the morning that i traveled i woke with a head filled with words – sitting up in bed with my legs crossed like a yogi – i opened my mac while it was still dark and the people in my flat were all still asleep in their rooms – i started to type and while i could have easily slept for another hour i chose to write instead – that is what makes me a writer – not because i’ve published a book or that i love words – no i am a writer because when i have a choice between sleeping for an extra hour on a cold winter’s morning or writing – i choose my words 

three tips for a location independent life

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1. Get a postal address 

You may think that you don’t need one. Because well, who sends mail anymore? But you do. Your bank wants you to live somewhere, the tax man wants you to live somewhere, if you have a mobile phone they want you to live somewhere. The whole system is made for people with a fixed address. So get one. Getting a postal address was one of the best things I got. It doesn’t cost much and if I do get mail, which is rare, they forward it to wherever I am at that moment in time.

2. What do I do with my stuff?

You have two options here. Put your stuff in storage or rent a small living space. I’ve done both. Here is what I experienced.

The first thing I did was to get rid of basically everything I own. I only kept things that were special to me, things that had sentimental value or that I probably won’t be able to replace because of a lack in financial resources due to this location independent lifestyle. I was brutal with the cutting.

In the end all I owned fitted into a ten square feet unit at a self-storage facility. I rented this for a year at a really good price. For me this was great because I knew my stuff was safe. But it did mean that sometimes, when I wasn’t traveling, I couldn’t use my stuff. It was locked away somewhere in a storage box.

The second option is what I do now and it works really good for me. I rent a room in a house, a friend’s house, and I can come and go when I please. It means that I have my stuff around me, and when I get that feeling we all get, even the most free of us, that we want to belong somewhere, I go back to my room for a while. I’m lucky to have this space. I don’t worry that when I come back from traveling that my stuff might have been stolen or thrown out because no one was home. If you can find a place like this, it is ideal. Try to keep the cost as low as possible though. You’re not going to be there much so you want to save your cash for traveling not pay big rent on a place where you going to be once every so often.

3. Communication devices

This for me is pretty important. Being a woman traveling on her own, I like to know that with the press of a button I can get assistance. I invested in the best mobile phone I could afford with the highest memory and all that stuff. I knew when I bought it, that I can’t just buy a new phone every year, so the one I got needed to last. I also have a mobile phone contract which is a little bit high. It runs out next month and I will change it to a more basic contract. All I need is to be able to make a call in case of an emergency. I can get wifi almost anywhere I go. At a coffee shop or hostel or even public transport has them. Some cities even have free wifi. And with that I use WhatsApp, iMessage or Skype to call my friends and family.


Don’t worry too much about things. When I changed my life I didn’t plan it out at all. I went with my gut feelings. I just jumped and I know maybe it was risky, but if I thought too much about it, I probably would have talked myself out of it.

So my advice is to do a little bit of navel gazing and get a vague idea of what you want to do and then just jump, because you will fly. Sometimes you may crash but it won’t kill you, all you got to do is get up brush off the dust put a bandaid on the sore place and jump off the next cliff.

Let me know how it goes by leaving comments below.

Joy, love and light to you.

PS: I wrote a book about this life. You can buy it here at Amazon – A Dreamer’s Life  – if you want please leave a review on Amazon to let me know what you thought of it.

how to spend less


When you decide to live this location independent life, it often means that your income changes. Your monthly income will fluctuate. Some months you earn money, others you don’t. It’s similar to starting your own business I guess. Not every month, especially in the beginning, is going to be financially rewarding.

Keeping your expenses low makes it easier to manage these ups and downs.


First thing I did was cancel any unnecessary monthly costs. Do I really need Spotify and Netflix? Do I really need a mobile phone contract with high data? I’m hardly ever in the country where I signed my mobile phone contract. This means I have to pay crazy money to use it. And yes I know there are providers that allow me to use my mobile phone abroad without for a small amount every day (in my case £3). But, add all those daily fees up and pretty soon it can reach £80 per month.


I talked about rent in the post before this one. Keep it low.

credit cards and other debt

Ditch your credit card. Or if you have to have one, transfer the amount of money into your card before you use it. How are you going to pay off a credit card with erratic to zero income?

impulse buying is evil

Don’t impulse buy. I really had to train myself with this one. I think out of everything this was the most difficult thing for me. Because I am a sucker for advertising. It works on me big time. I really believe that I have to have that thing I see in the magazine, on the screen. I really need it.

i changed my approach 

I don’t ask myself: Do I really need this item? The answer, in that moment in time is always a resounding yes. If I am in a store and see something I want, I don’t buy it. I leave, walk right out the door. If I see something online, I mark the item, even put it in my online shopping cart, but I don’t order it. I close the window and do something else. I wait a couple of days. Then I go back and if I still want it, I ask myself why do I want it. What will I do with it? What do I need to get rid of so that I can make space for this item.

Using this method I sometimes find the item is no longer available or the sale is over when I get back to it. And you know what, that’s not a bad thing, because the universe made the decision for me. And really is my life poorer for not having a specific item in my possession? Not really.

 Let me know in the comment box below if this was helpful and also what do you do to keep your expenses low.

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i wrote a novel once

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I wrote a novel. A proper novel with 90,000 words and plot and characters and everything. I worked on it for 15 years. I had an agent who had me change and rewrite if four times. I wrote every ounce of quirkiness and originality out of my book with all that editing. There was nothing punchy left, just a bland oh yea here’s another book. It destroyed my soul. I felt like I was not a writer that I could not call myself a writer.

So I made the painful decision to let the book go. Just push it underneath my bed and start new. I fired my agent and I began writing. My second book is nothing like the first. It came pouring out of me like it had been waiting for years in my subconscious mind. Like the words were lying there underneath the surface. I wrote and wrote and suddenly I was done. Less than a year it took me. I made some edits, but in reality I didn’t do much to it.

I called it A Dreamer’s Life, published it on Amazon as a Kindle book. I did the whole thing myself. I know there are mistakes and I know it doesn’t look like a proper old school book. It has less than 30,000 words has no plot no real storyline. But it is quirky it feels right it comes from my soul. And it is MY book.

And that’s all there is. Nothing else really matters in the end. All that matters is that you as an writer be satisfied with your work. Knowing in your soul that what you’ve put out there is the best you can do at that moment in time. And the next one, the next book, might be the same or it might be completely different. But it will be better than the first because it too will come from your soul and your soul keeps growing keeps changing keeps learning.

Are you a writer, artist or musician? Or have you worked on something for a long long time, realised it wasn’t working and gave it up? How did you find the experience? let me know in the comment box.

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